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The Skeptic Zone

Oct 21, 2023

Richard Saunders

You Can Count On Adrienne. With Adrienne Hill

Adrienne engages in a conversation with Kat MacLeod, delving into her personal journey with herbal supplements and the profound impact it has had on her life, as well as her dedicated advocacy work in Canada to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with these supplements.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter

What skeptical news has caught the eye of Tim Mendham this week?
Read by Adrienne Hill.

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to the paranormal in Washington.


10 Years Ago

The Skeptic Zone #261 - 20.October.2013

Dr Rachie Reports.. with Dr Rachael Dunlop. This week Dr Rachie chats with Dr David Hawkes from the Florey Institute in Melbourne. Just what is "The Skeptic Zone Virus"? - The Health of Sydney Harbour. Richard Saunders takes a stroll down to the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and chats with Associate Professor Emma Johnston. The science of Sydney Harbour and more! - A Week in Science - Maynard's Spooky Action... Maynard visits SkeptiCamp Sydney and interviews a wide range of people about all sorts of things. Highlights include a chat with Peter and Vanessa.