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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 30, 2019

Show Notes
0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders
0:03:10 What would Darwin say...

A interview with Dr Eugenie Scott about what she thinks Charles Darwin would have to say to today's 'Young Earth Creationists'.
0:14:55 Measles Outbreak Emergency

New York county declares Measles outbreak emergency....

Mar 23, 2019


Australian Skeptics Inc on Christchurch Tragedy

Australian Skeptics Inc (and this podcast) is deeply saddened by the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch on Friday which targeted the Muslim community.


Mar 16, 2019

0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders

Pete Evans, anti-vaxxer?

Celebrity chef Pete Evans supports anti-vaxxer Paul Chek on social media.
Jane Hansen, The Daily Telegraph

Mar 9, 2019

0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders

New Zealand Dowser Dollors Down Drain

We interview the Chair of New Zealand Skeptics, Craig Shearer about how Wellington ratepayers are funding a pseudo-scientific method to find buried water pipes. The contractor, Downer and the Wellington City Council are...

Mar 3, 2019

0:00:00 Introduction


How to catch a "Psychic"

We talk to Susan Gerbic about her Sting Operation to catch out an alleged psychic. Does he get his information from the heavens? Seems more likely from 'The Cloud'!

Inside the Secret Sting Operations to Expose Celebrity Psychics - New York Times