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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 3, 2019

0:00:00 Introduction


How to catch a "Psychic"

We talk to Susan Gerbic about her Sting Operation to catch out an alleged psychic. Does he get his information from the heavens? Seems more likely from 'The Cloud'!

Inside the Secret Sting Operations to Expose Celebrity Psychics - New York Times

Buckle Up - Seatbelt Psychic

Thomas John (The Seatbelt Psychic) - Busted for Cheating! - Video



From the pages of 'The Skeptic Magazine', a report by Jim Goulter.

"I was disturbed to find a pamphlet entitled Homoeopathy, The quiet achiever of HIV/AIDS treatment. The extravagant claims of the feature article so confidently elucidated, set me wondering as to the value of my impending immunisation."


Maynard's DJ Gig in Sydney

Richard Saunders' Bay Area Skeptics talk, 14th March

Canberra Skeptics Talks

Richard Saunders' talk at Sydney Skeptics in the Pub