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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 7, 2023

Richard Saunders

You Can Count on Adrienne. With Adrienne Hill

WikiProject Paranormal

With the help of Rob Palmer and Richard Saunders, Adrienne takes a look at the top ten list of topics at "WikiProject Paranormal", which "aims to provide a framework for the improvement and organisation of articles related to the paranormal, anomalous phenomena and other similar areas."

WikiProject Report, Special:FAQs

A new book from Susan Gerbic

In this interview, Susan tell us of the book she is writing about so-called "Grief Vampires", people who prey on grieving and vulnerable people by apparently receiving messages from their dead loved ones.

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to "Amoung the Witches of Suburbia".
  • The Canberra Times - 30 August 1987


10 Years Ago

The Skeptic Zone #221 - 13.Jan.2013

Maynard interviews with Brain Dunning about WORMS!.. and other monsters - Dr Rachie appears on the national TV show, 'The Project'. This time she comments on the anti-vaccination book "Melanie's Marvellous Measles" - The Think Tank. Join Dianne, Dr Rachie, Jo Benhamu, Eran Segev and Richard Saunders as they chat about skeptical news and events.