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The Skeptic Zone

Dec 18, 2021

Richard Saunders

The Great Australian Prediction Project

From the pages of 'The Skeptic', the journal from Australian Skeptics, comes the long awaited offical report into the accuracy of so-called "psychic predictions". Find out the background, the methodology and the all important results and conclusions.

Read by Adrienne Hill and Richard Saunders.

00:02:14: The Great Aust. Psychic Prediction Project
00:05:19: History of Prophecies
00:10:37: The Project
00:13:34: Methodology
00:17:53: The Flow of Time
00:19:49: Assessing the Predictions
00:23:03: Correct or Wrong
00:27:41: Too Vague
00:30:30: Expected
00:32:34: Unknown
00:33:50: Many Predictions in One
00:34:56: Easy to Predict but Difficult to Analyse
00:36:29: Predictable Complaints
00:43:10: Self-Assessment, Cherry Picking and Shoehorning
00:49:12: They did not see that coming
00:50:22: Control Group
00:51:54: If predictions worked as claimed
00:54:08: Looking into the Future
00:55:57: Conclusions
00:58:41: Some Statistics
00:59:14: Credits
01:00:10: About The Author

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