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The Skeptic Zone

Aug 15, 2020

Richard Saunders

Life is Wild. With Michelle Franklin

Seeds of Distress?

Back in July, Michelle saw a little story on facebook. Someone in America claiming to have received a package of seeds from China in the mail. They said they didn't order anything, but this little package labelled as earrings, but containing what looked like lemon seeds just showed up at their house one day in the mail. The story was about how the US department of Agriculture were asking that anyone who receives a package like that contact them to dispose of it safely.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter

A round up of news that comes across the desk at Australian Skeptics.

Logical Fallacies. With Michelle Bijkersma

This week Michelle looks at "The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy".

Also known as the "clustering illusion", this when you downplay or ignore information that doesn't support your argument, or point of view, and focus on information that seems to be more in line with what you would like to be true. It is also imposing meaning onto randomness.

A Logical Fallacy is an error we can make in reasoning, but it usually crops up when we are discussing or arguing our point of view.

From the pages of 'The Skeptic'

Biblical shenanigans at Sydney's Townhall and the world according to Homoeopathy.