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The Skeptic Zone

Nov 2, 2019

Show Notes

Richard Saunders
Another strike against Homeopathy

The head of the NHS launches an outspoken attack on the homeopathy industry for peddling deadly anti- vaccine myths. Simon Stevens accuses practitioners of spreading toxic 'misinformation' about jabs, which poses 'a significant danger to human health'.

We get the background on the story from Michael Marshall from the Good Thinking Society.
CSIcon 2019 Interviews - Part #2

Guest reporter Rob Palmer talks to Elizabeth Loftus about false memories, Jim Underdownabout investigating paranormal claims, Janyce Boynton about Facilitated communication and Joe Schwarcz about demystifying science.
Geeks, Gamers, Nerds & Kids

Tim Mendham, editor (and EO) of 'The Skeptic' magazine from Australian Skeptics, reads an item from Vol. 39 No.1. What is the cross-over between the Nerds and the Skeptics?