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The Skeptic Zone

Jul 8, 2018



Richard Saunders



The Diet Skeptic Report - With Mandy-Lee Noble

This week the Diet Skeptic and special guest Dr Chris Noble PhD will be looking at psychological acupuncture, a counselling therapy referred to as Emotional Freedom Techniques often abbreviated to EFT or more commonly described as tapping. EFT is being used for a plethora of physical and mental health conditions as well as life coaching and self-improvement but this report will examine the evidence for reducing food cravings and weight loss.



You belong in Oakland Zoo - With Dr Eugenie Scott

Join Richard Saunders and Dr Eugenie Scott as they wander around this impressive zoo in the city of Oakland, California.



TGA’s new complaint system fails the Ease-a-cold test

By Dr Ken Harvey

Stimulated by an article in “The Conversation” on Pharmacare Laboratories Ease-a-Cold, Dr Ken Harvey decided to try the TGA’s new complaint system.



Australian Skeptics National Convention 2018

Sydney Skeptics in the Pub - 12th of July