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The Skeptic Zone

Sep 22, 2016

Richard Saunders

Ben Goldacre
Homeopathic hucksters. Nonsensical naturopaths. Anti-intellectual anti-vaxxers. Slippery statisticians. The ‘journalists’ daring to declare meats as critically carcinogenic. And let’s not forget – let’s not forget – fraudulent pharmaceutical firms. - We chat to Ben on the eve of his Australian and New Zealand tour.

Take Stock with Shelley Stocken
Doctor Google is at it again with millions of people seeking its advice.

Victorian film festival embroiled in anti-vax, social media trainwreck
The Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival takes aim and shoots itself in the foot while putting its foot in its mouth. We find out why this festival is planning to screen an anti-vaccination film.


Skeptic Zone LIVE - 6th October in Sydney

Skeptics Dinner Meeting with Lyne Kelly - 24th September

NZ Skeptics Conference 2016 - Queenstown, 2nd-4th December