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The Skeptic Zone

Apr 23, 2022

Richard Saunders

Homeopathy on Trial

On January 13, the Center for Inquiry reached a major milestone in its groundbreaking consumer-protection lawsuits against retail giants Walmart and CVS. CFI is suing these mammoth corporations over their deceptive sale and marketing of homeopathic products under the Consumer Protection laws of the District of Columbia, and on January 13, CFI Legal Director Nick Little presented oral argument for our cases before the DC Court of Appeals.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter

What skeptical news has caught the eye of Tim Mendham this week?
Read by Adrienne Hill.

The Book of Tim. With Tim Mendham

Out of Body, Out of Mind. Part 2. By Prof. Marcello Costa

Pinocchio, self-mutilation, having someone else's limbs and feeling presences - our sense of body is strange and wonderful thing.

A reading from The Skeptic, Vol. 30 No. 1
A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to "Naturopaths".
  • 1995, 20 June - The Times - Victor Harbour, South Australia
  • 1946, 14 May - The Telegraph - Brisbane
  • 1946, 15 May - The Telegraph - Brisbane
  • 1951, 6 Apil - The Courier-Mail - Brisbane
  • 1953, 6 September - Truth - Brisbane

Susan Gerbic, 11am AEST Sunday 24th. -