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The Skeptic Zone

Apr 25, 2020


Richard Saunders & Pontus Böckman

Down the Rabbit Hole with Mick West

As COVID-19 makes its way around the world, more and more people are turning to the perceived comfort found in conspiracy theories. Mick tells of some of the old conspiracies doing the rounds and some of the newer ones with the roll out of the 5G network.

The Diet Skeptic. With Mandy-Lee Noble

The COVID-19 pandemic has for many of us brought significant change to our lives and even to how we think and what we value. And in these times you may have come to expect that in a Post-COVID world where health professionals and scientists are considered heroes the place for pseudoscience in health would have significantly diminished but unfortunately that is not the case.

Logical Fallacies. With Michelle Bijkersma

This time Michelle looks at "The Appeal To Nature".

This is the false, somewhat romantic idea that just because something comes from nature, it must therefore be pure, wholesome, beneficial and healthy. Basically good for you.

A Logical Fallacy is an error we can make in reasoning, but it usually crops up when we are discussing or arguing our point of view.

CFI Newsletter - Snake Oil Salesmen

It's time to stop giving snake oil salesmen the benefit of the doubt.

Homeopathy is perhaps the most obviously phony form of alternative medicine, and we simply can’t assume that those who manufacture and market it are acting in good faith, any more than we assume positive intent from a fraud psychic who fleeces clients out of their life savings to remove a curse.

Corona Conspiracy - Upload Images


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