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The Skeptic Zone

Dec 7, 2019

Richard Saunders and Maynard
Skeptical Road Trip

Join Maynard and Richard Saunders as they drive from Sydney to Melbourne to go to Skepticon 2019. Along the way they take photographs with of the Bent Spoon at various landmarks and try to beat the boredom of 10 hours on the road.
Maynard's Spooky Action...

In the first of a long series of interviews from Skepticon 2019, Maynard talks to..

Mark Edward
Susan Gerbic
Les Oates
Jay Novella

All'antico means 'the traditional way' and in the spirit of a classic Trattoria, the meals echo true home style cooking from Nonna's Southern Italian kitchen.

Geo Engineering with Tim Mendham

Once again Tim Mendham reads from the pages of 'The Skeptic' magazine, the journal from Australian Skeptics.
Australian Skeptics Annual Awards

All the winners and from this year's ASI awards, held at Skepticon 2019.