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The Skeptic Zone

Feb 23, 2019

0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders

Melbourne chiropractor 'treats' baby on video

A Melbourne chiropractor filmed manipulating a two-week-old boy has been banned from treating children aged under 12 while he is investigated by authorities.


Interview with Dr John Cunningham - Views on Chiropractic treatments

John Cunningham is an Australian-trained orthopaedic surgeon who has committed his professional life to the treatment of patients with spinal disorders. His opinion and knowledge of spinal disorders, especially those of the ageing spine, spinal trauma and spinal imbalance, are respected world wide, and he has an active clinical research programme. He is fully abreast of all current techniques and science relating to the treatment of spinal conditions and has a special interest in spondylolisthesis.


Is it true that GPs and chiropractors do much the same level of training and are thus equally qualified to practice primary healthcare? Should chiropractors play the role that GPs currently do as the first stop for medical consultation? The argument used by chiropractors to practice as primary healthcare is that they must go through the same level of medical training as GPs, including the same courses, and are thus as qualified to offer primary healthcare as GPs. The question is whether this is true.
0:39:10 Maynard's Spooky Action!

Maynard does a follow-up report on the pill testing at music events issue. Interviews with Shane Greenup, Sophie and Dr Alex Wodak.
0:47:43 ASI position statement on “gay conversion therapy”

Australian Skeptics Inc. (ASI) commends Daniel Andrews and the Victorian government for the recently announced plan to ban “gay conversion therapy” across the state. These church-based therapies are not based on scientific evidence, have been proven not to work, and are well known to cause physical and psychological harm.

Maynard 's DJ Gig in Sydney