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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 13, 2019

0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders
0:04:15 Ear Candles: the outcome of TGA complaint

Ear candling is a widely promoted alternative medical practice that involves inserting and lighting a hollow candle in the ear canal. It is claimed that candling creates a vacuum that removes wax and that it can also relieve ear ache, glue ear, tinnitus, sinus problems, chronic headache, migraine, sore throat, allergies and many more conditions.

In fact, ear candles and candling are ineffective and dangerous.
0:14:22 Life is Wild... With Michelle Franklin

Cane Toads are a huge problem in the north of Australia. Michelle casts a skeptical eye over a plan to control their numbers.
0:23:00 Trish & Chips!

Our new reporter Trish Hann heads for Sydney Skeptics in the Pub to ask, "Why are the public cynical of Climate Change?"

With Tim Mendham, Jessica Singer, Lynden Shields, Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz and Ben Mcavoy.
0:32:12 What is Quackery?

From the pages of `The Skeptic` magazine, Dr Richard Gordon GP gives us his overview on quackery.