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The Skeptic Zone

Jun 23, 2018



Richard Saunders



The Raw Skeptic Report.... with Heidi Robertson

Heidi heads to the city of Brisbane, Queesland to aid the stand of Light for Riley at the Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo. After a wander around to snoop out any woo, Heidi chats to Catherine Hughes about her ongoing campaign to protect babies in the name of Riley Hughes.

Light for Riley



Fair Trading takes beef with unsubstantiated cancer cure

A Queensland business has been ordered to pay more than $11,000 by the Brisbane Magistrates Court today (13 June 2018) for failing to substantiate claims, following an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigation.



The Data Skeptic - An interview with Kyle Polich

Are you skeptical of data, computers, numbers and data in general. We chat to Kyle Polich who might just have the podcast for you!



Australian Skeptics National Convention 2018