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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 1, 2017

Richard Saunders

New Zealand Skeptics 2016 Conference
This week we chat to Mark Honeychurch, a Wellington based skeptic and consumer advocate. He is also the Chair of the NZ Skeptics.

Brew Ha Ha: Science in less time than it takes to order a coffee
With Ben Lewis
The Australian Federal Court has ordered internet companies to block five bittorrent websites in a big crackdown against internet piracy. But what will be the consequences of this extreme legislation?
Further reading via ABC:
Here are our top 3 biggest science surprises of 2016!
Tesla driverless cars in an overnight upgrade, the unexpected Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, and streets becoming overwhelmed by those immersed in the augmented reality of Pokemon Go.

The Cass Files - With Dr Cassandra Perryman
Cannabis, hashish, hemp, sinsemilla; informalpot, dope, grass, weed, Mary Jane, bud, hash, bhang, kef, ganja, locoweed; reefer, doob, spliff, toke, roach... get the idea? Cassanddra gives us her view on the drug of choice of many throughout the world.

NSW government to investigate AVsN fund-raising
The Australian newspaper reports that NSW Fair Trading authorities will investigate the Australian Vaccination-sceptics Network (AVSN) for “potential breaches of the Charitable Fundraising Act and the Associations Incorporation Act”.

Grain of Salt.... with Eran Segev
More in the series of interviews from QED. This week Eran talks with Noah and Eli from the Scathing Atheist Podcast.

Wishing all Skeptic Zone fans a happy 2017