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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 16, 2024

Richard Saunders

You Can Count on Adrienne. With Adrienne Hill

Redefining Beauty, one tongue press at a time?

Can keeping your mouth shut make you more attractive? While some people believe so, it may not be for the same reasons you think. Adrienne Hill has an interesting conversation with Kat McLeod to discuss the controversial beauty trend and viral sensation known as "mewing"; the origins and the myths.

Alanta Colley - Live Show

Trick or Treatment at Melbourne International Comedy Festival : 25- 31 March

Big pharma gets a bad rap, but what about big chakra? Could horse de-wormers cure a global pandemic? Can I mainline the placebo effect? Come on a science comedy journey through the wild and weird and occasionally effective world of alternative medicine with Alanta Colley as your test subject.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter

What skeptical news has caught the eye of Tim Mendham this week?
Read by Adrienne Hill.

A Chat with Dr Eugenie Scott

In a follow up interview, Dr Eugenie Scott expands her thoughts on the development of human teeth. Also how you can get involved in the San Francisco Bay Area Skeptics.