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The Skeptic Zone

Apr 30, 2022

Richard Saunders

Maynard's Spooky Action

Maynard interviews author George Ivanoff about his new book, "The Supernatural Survival Guide".

How should young people approach investigating the strange, the mysterious and the unknown? What can we learn from George's book about the claims of the paranormal in Australia?

THE SUPERNATURAL SURVIVAL GUIDE will tackle these and other questions about all things paranormal. There is so much WEIRD stuff out there . . . but the TRUTH is IN HERE!

The Book of Tim. With Tim Mendham

Father Figure. Part 1. By Dr Tony Wheeler

A look at the truth and the myth behind Father Christmas or Santa Claus.

A reading from The Skeptic, Vol. 15 No. 4

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised newspapers on a search for references to skeptical stories from the United States.