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The Skeptic Zone

Nov 28, 2020

Richard Saunders

Ben Radford's New Book

The famed skeptical investigator, podcaster and author tells us about his new book, a collection of stories covering almost 2 decades.

ESP - 250

We join a live broadcast of the European Skeptics Podcast to congratulate them for 250 episodes.

Logical Fallacies. With Michelle Bijkersma

This week Michelle looks at "The Appeal to Emotion".

Also known as "argument from passion", this is when you manipulate emotions in order to try and win an argument or promote your point, especially in the absence of good evidence. It is also a red herring, that is, a way of diverting attention away from the issue at hand.

A Logical Fallacy is an error we can make in reasoning, but it usually crops up when we are discussing or arguing our point of view.

GSoW News with Susan Gerbic

Susan and friends chime in to bring us up to date with the latest from Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia. From Wiki to psychic stings and more. With Adrienne Hill, Rob Palmer and Leonard Tramiel.

Corona Conspiracy - Upload Images