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The Skeptic Zone

May 2, 2020

Richard Saunders

What Doctors Don't Tell You

In the last week of April 2020, the conspiracy theorist magazine "What Doctors Don't Tell You"was yanked from the sheveles of two Australian Supermarkets after action by Prof. Darren Saunders and radio host Ben Fordham.

Logical Fallacies. With Michelle Bijkersma

This week Michelle looks at "The False Dilemma".

Also known as “the false dichotomy”, “the either/or”, and “the false choice”, this is when an argument is framed as having only two options or conclusions, when there are in fact other logical alternatives.

A Logical Fallacy is an error we can make in reasoning, but it usually crops up when we are discussing or arguing our point of view.

The Book of Tim - With Tim Mendham

Please to Remember (From Vol. 36 No. 3 of 'The Skeptic')

Tim looks at some of the ideas and theories about Stonehenge.

Saunders on the radio... 2002

A very young Richard Saunders appeared on Sydney community radio in 2002 to talk about the role and aims of Australian Skeptics Inc. It's 18 years later and how much has changed?

Corona Conspiracy - Upload Images

Maynard MADD Club LIVE

Skepticon 2020