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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 21, 2020

Message from repoter Michelle Bijkersma

Logical Fallacies and COVID-19


Richard Saunders

Brian Dunning - Skeptoid Podcast Back Catalogue For Free

We chat to Brian about his efforts to keep us informed and entertained during this time of crisis. Also we learn of some COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

Homeopaths in the UK - Unproven COVID-19 Tests in Australia

In the UK, Good Thinking's Judicial Review concluded with strict conditions placed on the Society of Homeopaths.

In Australia, questionable health advice regarding the current virus emergency is emerging from alternative medicine. We look at claims being made by a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology and of Homeopathy.

Applied Kinesiology video (not a satire)

The Book of Tim - With Tim Mendham

The Mighty Mitta Muster Water Diving Test - Part #1

A look at how Australan Skeptics test paranormal claims.

Maynard's Spooky Action...

Interviews from Skepticon 2019.
This week, Sunday interviews, part #4

Attendee Catherine
Eran Segev
Bob Novella
Conspiracy of One