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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 25, 2020

Richard Saunders live from Portland, Oregon

The Think Tank... or The Hot Tub of Truth

This week the Think Tank comes to your from a Hot Tub, surrounded by snow, in the city of Bend, Oregon. Joining us in the tub to discuss if science can "save humanity" are...

Dr Erika Anderson
Dr Jean-Marc Roch PhD
Prof. Wendi Wampler
Brian Dunning
Susan Picard
Lisa Dunning
Richard Saunders

The Skeptic Zone Recomends

In Season 2 of "The Dream", Jane Marie, an alum of This American Life, and Dann Gallucci, look at a world just as shady and mysterious as MLMs, but one whose promises are at times even more bombastic and unfathomable: WELLNESS. What is it? Who sells it? And will it bring you eternal happiness and, perhaps, eternal life?

Maynard's Spooky Action...

Interviews from Skepticon 2019.
This week, highlights from the annual dinner, part #3

Jo Benhamu is a Senior Clinical Research Nurse with almost twenty years of experience in clinical nursing. She has a Masters in Bioethics and teaches ethics to medical students at Monash University. She is a founding member of Stop the AVN and has co-authored several papers challenging anti-vaccination papers in the scientific literature. She is Vice President of Australian Skeptics Inc. You can find her on Twitter: @jobenhamu