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Jul 20, 2019


Show Notes
0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders
0:04:47 Apollo 11 - Sydney Morning Herald 1969


U.S. astronauts open a new era for mandkind. - Man has landed on the moon. The U.S. spacecraft, Eagle, carring Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, touched down on the lunar surface early today (Sydney time).
0:12:30 Moon Landings Were No Hoax

Continuing to believe that the Moon landings were faked, despite the solid evidence from many quarters that confirm the missions, despite the thorough and painstaking debunking of every major objection from the conspiracy theorists (from popular TV shows such as MythBusters to hundreds of detailed explanations online) is NOT being sceptical... it is being a science denier. It is the same mindset that leads people to deny the Earth is round or that climate change is also just another hoax.

Scimandan - Flat Earth Friday

0:22:49 What is going on at Area 51?

We ask Ben Radford about the history of this secretive location. Are there really aliens hidden deep within the vaults? Also will thousands of Facebookers storm the area to uncover 'the truth'?
0:41:11 I think we need to think... With Susan Gerbic

Susan chats to Carlos Orsi and Natalia Pasternak, skeptics from Brazil.


Skepticon 2019