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The Skeptic Zone

Apr 13, 2019

Show Notes
0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders
0:04:56 Maynard's Spooky Action

Maynard heads for Sydney Skeptics in the pub and asks pubbers the big question,
"What topics, if any, should skeptics give up?"
0:19:24 Maynard's Spooky Action - part #2

Australia in Space. An interview with Kerrie Dougherty about Australia's involvement in the space race.

Kerrie Dougherty is an independent space historian, curator and writer and a lecturer in the Space Humanities department of the International Space University.

0:27:10 Mind your Spirit, Body and Wallet

We look at 30 years of the Mind Body Spirit festival in Australia.

An interview with Tim Mendham editor of 'The Skeptic Magazine' from Australian Skeptics.
0:43:30 So-called 'Psychic Detectives' sensing nothing

There's a reason police don't work with psychics. Psychics don't work. Which is a bit of an issue in the results-orientated realms in which police and search-and-rescue personnel operate. With the best will in the otherworld, not one example of face-scrunched, chest-tightening, I-feel-such-a-chill emoting has yet solved a single New Zealand murder or resolved a search.


Skepticon 2019

Flu Vax Day

Canberra Skeptics talk