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The Skeptic Zone

Sep 3, 2017

Richard Saunders

A Grain of Salt with Eran Segev
This week Eran chats to Cara Santa Maria.
Cara Santa Maria is a Los Angeles Area Emmy and Knight Foundation Award winning journalist, science communicator, television personality, producer, and podcaster. She is also part of the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast.

Brew Ha Ha: Science in less time than it takes to order a coffee
With Casey Harrigan
In the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, the most dangerous things in the boxing ring might have been the gloves. This is why the ref's call - and declaration of Mayweather as the winner - was the right call.

An interview with Prof. Paul Willis
Paul is a former Director of the Royal Institution of Australia, presenter on ABC TV's Catalyst program, palaeontologist and career science communicator.
His life has centred around telling stories for science. His career in science communications has seen him on television across the country with the ABC and acting as Director at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus), Australia’s premier science communications organisation. His is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor in Palaeontology at Flinders University.

The Raw Skeptic Report... with Heidi Robertson
In the last of her reports from 'Star Stuff', Heidi chats to Frank about Astro Anarchy.

Anti-Vax GP update
Embattled anti-vaccination GP John Piesse has agreed to temporarily stop practising as a doctor after he was advised that his medical registration could be suspended.
'World's number 1 anti-vaxxer' Kent Heckenlively denied entry to Australia
The self-proclaimed "world's number one anti-vaxxer" has been denied permission to visit Australia.Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday Kent Heckenlively? would not be able to tour Australia later this year as part of an international campaign calling for a pause in childhood vaccinations.


Richard Saunders and Tim Medham - late night radio segment

Maynard and Bunga Bunga
CSI Con - Las Vagas
European Skeptics Congress - Wroclaw
QED - Manchester
QED - Skepticamp Manchester

Skepticon Sydney