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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 22, 2017



Richard Saunders



Skeptics stand by Bent Spoon Nomination

The National Institute of Complementary Medicine was less than pleased to be nominated for this award. Will Australian Skeptics back down? NO!



How Uri Geller convinced the CIA he was a 'psychic warrior'

Thoughts on Spoon Bending and the CIA from over 40 years ago.

Experiments wiht Uri Geller 1972 - Video



Homeopthic Vets - Update

The RCVS standards committee has announced it is to review the college’s guidance on homeopathy and other alternative and complementary veterinary medicines and therapies. - By David Woodmansey.



Brew Ha Ha: Science in less time than it takes to order a coffee

With Ben Lewis

As the Juno spacecraft has finally entered Jupiter's orbit, the first images of Jupiter and the 3 moons, Europa, Io and Ganymede have been sent back to Earth. And these pretty pictures are purely for the enjoyment of humans rather than any specific scientific reason!

Further reading via ScienceAlert:

Have you ever realised that you talk to babies and puppies in the exact same way? Scientists have found out why we default to that high pitched voice - and it's actually doing them good.

Further reading via BBC:



Stranger Things Down Under

Join us on an exploration of Sydney’s ‘Upside Down’: the weird, wacky and wonderful, from the woo you’ve always wondered about, to cool museums and quirky experiences. All with a group of fabulous like minded sceptics.



Grain of Salt.... with Eran Segev

More in the series of interviews from QED. This week Eran is joined by Matt Parker, possibly the only person to hold the prestigious title of London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer while simultaneously having a sold-out comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Matt is always keen to mix his two passions of mathematics and stand-up.



Sydney Skeptics in the Pub - TIM FERGUSON from the Doug Anthony All Stars

Richard Saunders appaers on the E.S.P. podcst