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The Skeptic Zone

Aug 28, 2016



Richard Saunders (and the skeptical cats)



Mother who posted video of her baby is bullied by anti-vaxxers online

The mother who posted a heartbreaking video of her five-week-old baby choking for air after catching whooping cough has been bullied online by trolls who say “vaccination is what caused her baby to get sick”.



The Raw Skeptic Report

This week Heidi Robertson has another report from the recent Brisbane Skepticamp. She chats to Natalie Carrington about how language can be used to fight pseudoscience and woo.



Chiro Board Responds to Skeptics Concerns

Following the revelation of chiropractor Ian Rossborough’s ‘cracking’ of an infant’s spine on YouTube, Australian Skeptics and many members of the public and professionals expressed their outrage.



Maynard's Spooky Action..

Maynard and Richard head for the Australian Museum to perfrom the Mystery Investigators show as part in Sceince Week.

We also learn about crime scence investigatoin and chat to Margaret, Rory and Willow.