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The Skeptic Zone

Jul 17, 2016



Richard Saunders



A call to ban veterinary surgeons from prescribing homeopathy as a treatment for animals

We talk to Dr Danny Chambers about his petition in the UK to stop vets from selling usless sugar pills in place of real medicine for animals.



ABC's Catalyst under review, reporter suspended after damning review on Wi-Fi program

The ABC will apologise to its viewers and review its science program Catalyst after an independent investigation found a controversial episode on the potential health risks of Wi-Fi that went to air earlier this year breached its editorial standards.



The Cass Files with Dr Cassandra Perryman

What did Australia's top psychics predict for the year 2015? Cassandrea marks their homework. Will they get an A or an F?



Sydney Skeptics in the Pub

Won't someone save those poor spoons from being bent?


Skeptics Sydney Dinner

Totally 80's Australian Tour with Maynard