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The Skeptic Zone

Aug 2, 2015



Richard Saunders



Michael Marshall from Good Thinking

Palm readers have operated in seaside towns across the UK for many years.  In the absence of any proof that palmists have any ability to accurately advise on the future, the Good Thinking Society wanted to find out whether the trust given by so many was well-placed, so they visited a palm reader in Blackpool.



A Week in Science

The Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) is a national scientific not-for-profit organisation with a mission to bring science to people and people to science.



If I could talk to the animals...

In 2009 the Nonsense Podcast set out to investigate an animal psychic. We find our crew having dinner after the evet.. With Jason Hamiester, Dr Rachie, Bastard Sheep and Richard Saunders.