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The Skeptic Zone

Jan 1, 2009

Brian Dunning - Is Santa real? - Sydney Sci-Fi

0:00:00      New Year 2009 with Dr Rachie LIVE from Sydney
0:01:00     Introduction Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka
0:04:17     Richard Saunders interviews Brian Dunning from
0:26:25     Yes Eran... is there a Santa? Opinion piece with Eran Segev, Grain of Salt
0:34:27     FreeCon 2008 - Interviews from Sydney's free Sci-Fi Convention
0:43:07     Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael Dunlop, featuring Tiffany Day, Dave the Happy Singer and Gerrit Reimers
1:00:15     THE THINK TANK Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop,
Tiffany Day & Stefan Sojka