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The Skeptic Zone

Jul 6, 2024

Richard Saunders

Ben Radford talks UFOs

Once again we welcome the world renowned skeptical investigator, author, podcaster, and deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, the one and only Ben Radford. In a wide ranging interview Ben talks about the Roswell UFO incident, cryptozoology, and his upcoming visit to Sydney Australia to take part in Skepticon 2024 - the Australian Skeptics National Convention in November.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter #200

What skeptical news has caught the eye of Tim Mendham this week?
Read by Adrienne Hill.

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to the Roswell New Mexico UFO case of 1947.

1947.07.09 - The Glen Innes Examiner
1947.07.09 - The Newcastle Sun
1947.07.10 - The Advocate, Bernie Tasmania
1947.07.10 - The Sun, Sydney

Global Skeptics in tne Pub

Videos from the New Mexico Science and Reason