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The Skeptic Zone

May 13, 2023

Richard Saunders

Walking with Canadian Dinosaurs

Join a merry band of skeptics as they wander the vast exhibits of one of the world's foremost natural history museums.

Interviews with Vincent Stevens, Adrienne Hill, Celestia Ward and Lilith Thompson.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the study of ancient life. In addition to featuring one of the world’s largest displays of dinosaurs, it offers a wide variety of creative, fun, and educational programs that bring the prehistoric past to life.

The Book of Tim. With Tim Mendham

Alien Honeycomb Tested By Mark Plummer

A report about the time skeptics examined what was claimed to be an alien artefact, possibly part of a UFO!

A reading from The Skeptic, Vol. 1 No. 1

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to The Fox Sisters


10 Years Ago

The Skeptic Zone #238 - 12.May.2013

Dr Rachie reports on what our state (New South Wales) politicians, on both sides, have to say about the Australian Vaccination Network - A Week in Science with Dr Paul Willis - Maynard chats to John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants