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The Skeptic Zone

Jul 25, 2021

Richard Saunders

Freedom Protests in Sydney

At the worst possible time, protesters march through the main streets of downtown Sydney, with cries of "freedom". We ask the question, "what's the harm in believing in conspiracy theories?"

Past Live Tours

Join Richard on a stroll to discover the shopfront of a business offering hypnosis to solve your problems by investigating your previous lives. Included is a review of the website and a look into references to hypnosis online.

Interview with Ben Radford

Following on from our hypnosis segment, we chat to paranormal investigator Ben Redford from the 'Squaring the Strange' podcast about his experiences, thoughts and opinions on the topic of hypnosis.

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to the "psychics and police".

Corona Conspiracy - Upload Images