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The Skeptic Zone

Jun 3, 2021

A Grain of Salt. With Eran Segev

Interview with Julia Galef

Julia Galef is an author, podcaster, and speaker with a passion for good reasoning. Her first book, The Scout Mindset, is about the skill of looking at things honestly and objectively - why that's so valuable, why it doesn't come naturally to humans, and how we can get better at it. For over a decade, she has been the host of Rationally Speaking, a biweekly podcast featuring interviews with scientists and other thinkers.

00:01:10 Scout v. Soldier Mindset
00:05:47 Scout and Critial Thinking
00:15:10 Noticing Bias
00:16:13 Selective Skeptic Test
00:20:45 Status Quo Bias
00:23:34 Identities
00:26:58 Moral and Political
00:29:49 "Rigidity of the Right"
00:31:37 TED Talk
00:33:59 Rationally Speaking
00:35:02 Just Asking Questions
00:40:55 Cancel Culture
00:46:55 Finding the Truth
00:56:32 Contact Info