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The Skeptic Zone

Sep 12, 2020

Richard Saunders

A Dive into a Trove

A wander through the decades of digitised Australian newspapers on a search for references to the words "Yowie Hunt". Did anyone ever find the Australian Big Foot?

CFI - We're Not Backing Down from Walmart

Snake oil profiteering has emerged as a genuine crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, exemplifying what the Center for Inquiry has been saying for years: Pseudoscientific medicine is dangerous, and those who profit from it must be held accountable.

Skeptrack Repoert

An overview of the live online Skeptrack from Dragon*Con 2020.

A visit to a New, New Age Vet

Can Map-you-luncher, Ke-ring Dlistals, Flo-me-lapthy, Skyo-blaptic, Free-tex-lolagy and Snerbal Stoop-alments save Henrietta the cat?

With the voice talents of Dr Angie Mattke and Pontus Böckman.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter

What skeptical news has caught the eye of Tim Mendham this week?

Skeptics Cafe - Live Online Talk by Richard Saunders - 21 Sept. 8:30pm

Skepticon 2020

Corona Conspiracy - Upload Your Images