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The Skeptic Zone

Aug 1, 2020

Richard Saunders

VAXXED Bus Banned

Blue Mountains City Council - Matter of Urgency - That the Council now considers a matter arising in relation to NSW Heath order and Council bookings by VAXXED Bus tour that has been ruled by the Mayor to be a matter of great urgency.

Australian Skeptics Newsletter

Highlights from the recent newsletter from Australian Skeptics. Find out what's going on around the skeptical world and especially right here in Australia.

Participating in the Predictions Project

Ease drop in on the very first meeting of the international prediction project participation partnership program. An interesting look into how to score and mark the homework of so-called psychics and mystics. With Richard Saunders and skeptics from all over the United States.

Follow Susan Gerbic on Facebook for details of Prediction Project Zoom meetings.

Typewriter Time

A very short trip to another planet.

Ghost in a Box

Want to talk with dead people? Ari Moore says there's an app for that.

It doesn't take much time on YouTube before the video-hosting website's algorithm will automatically recommend a video referring to the paranormal. Hundreds of paranormal investigation channels promote their 'research' on the platform, with larger channels reaching upwards of 1 million subscribers. A recent trend in YouTube paranormal entertainment has content creators using smartphone 'spirit box' apps to communicate with whatever spirits and/or demons are in the vicinity.

Sydney Skeptics in the Pub Online

Corona Conspiracy - Upload Images

Skepticon 2020