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The Skeptic Zone

Nov 22, 2019

Show Notes

Richard Saunders
Skeptical Adventures with Dick Smith

Australian Skeptics patron Dick Smith tells of the time he flew out James Randi to take part in Australia's largest water divining challenge. Also other investigations and adventures over the years.

Good Thinking Society takes on Ear Candles

The BBC's Executive Complaints Unit has upheld a Good Thinking Society complaint against "Claudia tries... Ear Candling", a short video which appeared on the Glasgow based digital platform, The Social. They were concerned that the video gave the misleading impression that ear candling is both effective and safe.
Bailey Harris visits Ark Encounter

What better way to spend Easter weekend than to take a tour of the Ark Encounter and expose the anti-science that it bleeds from every pore! That is just what author and secular activist Bailey Harris, partnered with Secular Student Alliance, did earlier this year.
The Hole in the Pole - Part #3

Virtually every religion refers to a subterranean world which is variously an afterlife (hell, purgatory, or Elysian Fields) or a secret place where other civilisations do their business. The Greeks had Hades, the Jews Sheol, the Tibetan Buddhists have Shamballa, the Nordic people have Svartalfaheimr, the Hindu Patala. And, of course, the Christians have Hell. Tim Mendhamlooks at varoius adventres to try and find the world beneath.