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The Skeptic Zone

Nov 9, 2019

Show Notes

Richard Saunders
CSICon 2019 Interviews - Part #3

Rob Palmer, aka the well known skeptic, with part #3 of his interview series from CSIcon 2019 in Las Vegas. This week paranormal investigator Kenny Biddle, from Point of Inquiry Kavin Senapathy, GSoW editor Brandi and Aedan, and local Las Vegas student Daniel Spangler.
M 209 Cipher Machine

Dr Steve Roberts, expert on codes and ciphers, talks about the M 209 Cipher Machine from WWII.
The Hole in the Pole - Part #1

Virtually every religion refers to a subterranean world which is variously an afterlife (hell, purgatory, or Elysian Fields) or a secret place where other civilisations do their business. The Greeks had Hades, the Jews Sheol, the Tibetan Buddhists have Shamballa, the Nordic people have Svartalfaheimr, the Hindu Patala. And, of course, the Christians have Hell. Tim Mendhamlooks at varoius adventres to try and find the world beneath.
Skepticon 2012 Update

We chat to Michelle Bijkersma from the Vic Skeptics to find out the lineup of international and local speakers appearing at the Australian Skeptics National Convention.