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The Skeptic Zone

Aug 24, 2019

Show Notes
0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders
0:02:25 Isil Arican and Cuneyt Ozdas

Learn how Isil and Cuneyt help to promote science and scepticism in Turkey and around the world.

0:20:55 Looking for Woo in Berkeley

join Richard Saunders as he wanders along the streets of Berkeley in California, looking for strange and mysterious claims made on shopfronts.

0:31:47 I think we need to think... With Susan Gerbic

Susan gives us an update on recent Wikipedia updates.

0:41:11 Full Moon and Empty Heads

A commonly-held belief has it that various social phenomena are associated with the phases of the moon. Such is the strength of this belief, achieving folk-lore status in many societies, that it is accepted almost without question, especially by the popular media. - Barry Williams


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