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Jul 6, 2019

Show Notes
0:00:00 Introduction

Richard Saunders
0:03:50 Harmful Homeopathic 'Cures'

We interview Michael Marshall from The Good Thinking Society in the U.K. about the action being taken to fight the extreme foolishness that is Homeopathy.

0:20:02 Chabot Space & Science Center

A tour with Leonard Trameil

The only thing more extraordinary than the science we are learning about the Moon is its incredible beauty. Chabot's stunning new photographic essay explores the Moon's sweeping craters and once-active volcanoes, with photos by NASA astronauts who witnessed its beautiful desolation firsthand, new views captured by their astronomers using Chabot's reflecting telescope, and images taken via satellite that allow us to explore places we have not even yet visited.


Skepticon 2019

Canberra Skeptics Talks