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The Skeptic Zone

Dec 30, 2018



Richard Saunders


The Raw Skeptic Report... With Heidi Robertson

This week Heidi has a follow up by Jane Hansen to last week's story from the recent ABC TV 7:30 Report on "No Jab - No Play".

This is followed by another report by Jane Hansen on the improvment to vaccination rates in Australia, despite the efforts of the Anti-Vax crowd.


Astrology... Still Bunk

From the pages of 'The Skeptic' magazine from Australia, Vol. 4 No. 3 - An astronomer's view of astrology. By Philip A. Ianna.

One of the impressive things about astrology today is the extent to which it pervades our culture. More people know their sun sign than know their own blood type, and after hundreds of years of very astrology beginning 5000 years you can find zodiac motifs on almost anything.

0:32:20 The Diet Skeptic... with Mandy-Lee Noble

For this week's (almost) New Year's Eve Diet Skeptic Report dietitian Mandy-Lee Noble has been inspired by social media encouraging us to kick off 2019 with a diet! And the one diet that seems to be the most popular this year is the keto or ketogenic diet.

Things Anti-Vaxxers Say

The internet is full of wisdom... it's just that it can get lost with all the stupidity. With Maynard as the voice of reason and Richard as the voice of.... crazy!


SkeptiCamp Monterey 2019

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