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The Skeptic Zone

Sep 15, 2018


Richard Saunders

Interview with Dr Alice Howarth
Dr Alice Howarth (PhD) is a cellular and molecular biologist with a specialism in cancer research who is currently researching nanomedicines at the University of Liverpool in the UK. Alice is a board director of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and co-host of the skeptical podcast Skeptics with a K.

Dextox? My Foot!
One way to scam people is to diagnose and correct a nonexistent problem. Aqua Detox practitioners do this by claiming to remove toxins and balance cellular energy. During treatment sessions, the customer's feet are bathed for 30 minutes in salt water that is subjected to a low-voltage current transmitted through an electrode assembly called an "array" (the dark cylindrical object to which the wire is attached).

Maynard's Spooky Action....
Another fun night at Sydney Skeptics in the Pub.
This week Maynard asks pubbers what they think of "Psychics" seeming to contact the dead at RSL Clubs.

Claire Klingenberg testing claims the paranormal
We chat to Claire about her visit to Scotland and Germany where she helped to test paranormal claims.

Tests (In English)

Tests (In German)

Skeptics' Blood Drive
Maynard and Richard Saunders report on the Australian Skeptics Blood Drive in Sydney.


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