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The Skeptic Zone

Jul 28, 2018



Richard Saunders

With updates on Geoengineering and Tsunami warnings.



The Raw Skeptic Report.... with Heidi Robertson

A pro vaccinatoin poster created by the North Rivers Vaccinaton Supports has gone viral around the world with thousands flocking to download a copy. It even crashed the web site!

Download the Poster



AVN... no... AVsN... no.... AVRN... eh?

The Australian Vaccination Network has changed its name, again. What are the RISKS with this network?



'False and reckless': Health Minister slams anti-vaccination documentary maker

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has slammed a controversial anti-vaccination documentary ahead of its Australian launch, warning against "false and reckless claims" targeting the government's cancer prevention program. - By Dana McCauley



Be aware of dodgy contraceptive apps - With Trish Hann

Is your smart phone smart enough to help with birth control? Trish Hann casts a skeptical eye on some of the claims being made for apps.



CFI sues CVS

The Center for Inquiry has filed a lawsuit in the District of Columbia on behalf of the general public against drug retailer CVS for consumer fraud over its sale and marketing of useless homeopathic medicines.



Beth Darlington - Looking forward to Skepticon 2018

We chat to Beth about her part in the upcoming convention.



Australian Skeptics National Convention 2018

Sydney Science Week