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The Skeptic Zone

Jul 15, 2018



Richard Saunders and Maynard



Maynard's Spooky Action....

Once again Maynard heads to Sydney's Skeptics in the Pub to chat to pubbers and ask the bi questions... "Would you like to be abducted by Aliens?"

Also interviews with Dr Angela Mattke, Dr Brad McKay and many others



Center for Inquiry files lawsuit over homeopathy

The Center for Inquiry has filed a lawsuit in the District of Columbia on behalf of the general public against drug retailer CVS for consumer fraud over its sale and marketing of useless homeopathic medicines. CFI, an organization advancing reason and science, accused the country’s largest drug retailer of deceiving consumers through its misrepresentation of homeopathy’s safety and effectiveness, wasting customers’ money and putting their health at risk.



Richard Saunders on ABC Overnights Radio (starts at 2:06:45)

Australian Skeptics National Convention 2018

Strategy Strikes Back: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict