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The Skeptic Zone

Apr 8, 2018



Richard Saunders

Includes trying to make sense of Astrology.



Naturopath jailed

EXTREME diet naturopath Marilyn Bodnar has been sent to prison for her role in the baby starvation case.



Breakfast Radio Skeptics

John Stanley and Garry Linnell chat to Richard Saunders one last time about the world of woo.



Fort Collins Skepticamp 2018

Join Susan Gerbic has she chats to people at Fort Collins Skepticamp 2018.



March for Science 2018

The March for Science celebrates the public discovery, distribution, and understanding of scientific knowledge as crucial to the freedom, success, health, and safety of life on this planet.

We are a nonpartisan group, marching to demand action in the following areas:
Literacy, Communication, Policy, and Investment.