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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 25, 2018

Richard Saunders

Fundraising campaign for Britt Hermes
Britt Hermes, a noted skeptical campaigner, has been taken to court in Germany by US-based naturopath ‘Dr’ Colleen Huber, claiming that Britt has defamed her. For this reason, Australian Skeptics Inc is managing a fundraising campaign to assist Britt in her current legal action.

Rob Palmer and Susan Gerbic reply to Kirill Alferov
The story is not all bad for skeptical outreach as Rob and Susan chip in with their thoughts to our interview from last week.

Ban for hospital where the Queen's homeppath works
The hospital where the Queen’s homeopath works has been banned from offering homeopathy to NHS patients for disobeying health service policy.
An audit found that the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine had been wrongly charging the alternative treatment to taxpayers. The hospital is Europe’s biggest publicly funded centre for alternative medicine and has been offering homeopathy since it was founded in 1849.

Roadblocks to Good Science | A Panel Discussion - Excerpt
The Center for Inquiry presents Dr Rachael Dunlop, Cara Santa Maria, and Britt Hermes for a conversation on the real and perceived problems in science. What prevents people from understanding or discovering science, the roadblocks that stop good science and research, plus solutions on how to solve these problems. This talk took place at CSICon Las Vegas on Sunday, October 2017.


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