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The Skeptic Zone

Feb 18, 2018


Introduction - Richard Saunders

Includes a brief look at the case of the missing Beaumont Children from 1966


A Grain of Salt... with Eran Segev

This week Eran brings us new of the sucess of the ongoing Fundraising campaign for Britt Hermes.



Maynard's Spooky Action!

We join Maynard at Sydney Skeptics in the Pub where he interviews Dr Andrea Leong, a microbiologist with an interest in finding ways to reduce antibiotic use. Her PhD thesis looked at surface coatings that repel and kill bacteria by using antimicrobial peptides, a class of molecule that could prove to be an alternative to conventional antibiotics.



Memoirs of a Former Mystic

A feature documentary film by Jessica Schab & Élisabeth Feytit - Produced by l'Esprit & la Matière - Expected release date: late 2018.

After 10 years of being a New Age guru and iconic Crystal Child, Jessica Schab, aka Jessica Mystic, chose to quit her ‘mission’ and started de-conditioning herself from the esoteric ideas that had ruled her life for so long.



Scientific literacy low priority for CAM practitioners

A draft industry skills forecast for the complementary health industry puts scientific literacy near the bottom of a list of “key generic skills – ranked in order of importance”.

“Sciences, mathematics and scientific literacy” ranks 11 out of 12, meaning that finance and entrepreneurship (including the ability to sell ideas and products) are more important. Only “environmental and sustainability” skills rate lower than an appreciation and knowledge of science.



Interview with Richard Saunders on 501 Conversations