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The Skeptic Zone

Nov 18, 2017

Richard Saunders, Stefan Sojka and Maynard

A Grain of Salt with Eran Segev
The skeptical community has a role to play when it comes to stopping sexist behaviour and harassment. Eran gives us his point of view and what we can do.

The Raw Skeptic Report
This week Heidi Robertson looks at a Tick Repellent.

"Dr" Stefan Sojka
Scientists, vested interests, big pharma, corporate media, greenies, the illuminati and the social justice warriors of the far left have been hiding a shocking truth from you… We are living in a parallel universe to the one we thought we were living in!

The Diet Skeptic... with Mandy-Lee Noble
Looking at the science behind your weight and fad diets.


Gold Coast Skeptics

Australian Skeptics
- Late night radio segment with Mike Williams