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The Skeptic Zone

Mar 26, 2017

Richard Saunders

Geoclense Home Harmonizer review from CHOICE Magazine
The Geoclense Home Harmonizer promises to neutralise electromagnetic radiation, radio frequencies and cosmic energy – all of which can apparently sap your energy, rob you of sleep and drain your life force. In our modern world these things are impossible to avoid, but this solid block of plastic promises to bring an end to your suffering.

Geoclense Home Harmonizer review

Orgone Geoclense Home Harmonizer

The Raw Skeptic Report... with Heidi Robertson
This week Heidi looks at the bizzare, strange, odd, unusual, out there, extraordinary, fantastic, curious, weird, way-out, peculiar, eccentric, abnormal, ludicrous, irregular, rum, uncommon, singular, grotesque, perplexing, uncanny, mystifying, off-the-wall, outlandish, comical, oddball, off the rails, zany, unaccountable, off-beat, left-field, freakish, wacko, outré, cockamamie practice of Agrohomeopathy... which is treating sick plants with sugar water.

Brew Ha Ha: Science in less time than it takes to order a coffee

With Kelly Wong

Forget everything you know about dinosaurs, because it could all be wrong. Sounds weird, but they may have come from the UK according to a new family tree. Brew Ha Ha: science in less time than it takes to order a coffee.

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The Great Prediction Project - Update
Can you see into the future? Who will win the football this year? Richard Saunders gives an update on the new project to collate hundreds of "psychic" predictions.

Non-Psychic Predictions for 2017


Do creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster exist?

Gravity Waves - Public · Hosted by Mordialloc Skeptics - 11th April

Origami Pigasus to print

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