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The Skeptic Zone

Sep 18, 2016

Richard Saunders

Sharon Hill
We talk to Sharon Hill about her web site 'Doubtful News' and look into the merits (or not) of Ghost Tours. Also... Bad Clowns?

Anti-vaccine nurses and midwives
A visit to the 'reasonable hank' blog and the reading of a list of anti-vax memes posted by the very people who should know better.

Bad Clowns and Loch Ness with Ben Radford
Ben tells us more about the strange reports of' Bad Clowns running round and making trouble. Also news of the lastest photo from Loch Ness.


An evening with Dr Ben Goldacre – Think Inc.

Skeptic Zone LIVE - 6th October in Sydney

Skeptics Dinner Meeting with Lyne Kelly - 24th September

NZ Skeptics Conference 2016 - Queenstown, 2nd-4th December